The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes Stawiecki as the oldest woman to complete the “Seven Summits,” the highest mountains on each continent, and as achieving the fastest aggregate time for a woman to complete marathons on all seven continent. View the Guiness Book of World Records entry

Jeanne has done it!

Finally, the wait is over. We bided our time, forced to go about our daily routines while anxiously waiting for Jeanne Stawiecki’s extraordinary announcement. In addition to her family and friends, colleagues and acquaintances that have become fascinated by Jeanne’s story of triumph have been checking for her celebratory dispatch from . . . → Read More: Jeanne has done it!

All About Yaks

Yaks are an important part of the Everest expedition. I wanted to learn more about these giant beasts.

I found out that there are 12 million domesticated yaks in China, and an unknown number roam wild in the Himalayas. The wild Yak are vegetarians and have been in decline due to poachers who . . . → Read More: All About Yaks

Another amazing marathon woman

On this the eve of the running of the 111th Boston Marathon, the local papers are filled with stories about marathons past, as well as tomorrow’s marathon in which runner’s are expected to have to endure a nor’easter.

A story in yesterday’s Boston Globe by Bella English, entitled “The woman who ran around the . . . → Read More: Another amazing marathon woman

Following the Wisdom of the Dalai Lama and Buddha at 16,000 feet

Jeanne’s last dispatch led me to do some online research. I was curious about the reference to the dates that had been chosen for the puja and the role that the Tibetan calendar plays in Tibetan life today. Having given some talks to my daughter’s school classes about Chinese New Year . . . → Read More: Following the Wisdom of the Dalai Lama and Buddha at 16,000 feet

Educational Inspiration

I teach fourth grade at the John D. Runkle School in Brookline, Massachusetts. My class and I are amazed with what you have accomplished and enthralled with your upcoming ascent of Mount Everest. Each day at school, we start by sharing and discussing inspirational and noteworthy news stories that often relate to our . . . → Read More: Educational Inspiration

True Champions

I was watching the Masters Golf Tournament recently to see Tiger Woods as he tries for another win at this great event. Watching this incredible champion try his best made me think of Jeanne and what a true champion . . . → Read More: True Champions

Exotic Hotels and Massage

You may have noticed from Jeanne’s daily dispatch that she is staying in some interesting hotels.
In Bangkok, she stayed at the Federal House and at Yak and Yeti in Kathmadu. She is now at the Panorama Hotel in Nmache. I couldn’t find a picture of this hotel, but I found a link to the town and . . . → Read More: Exotic Hotels and Massage